Jan 28 2013

Nanotechnology in computer science and its perspective

Recently, M. C. Roco of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), an organisation officially founded in 2001 to initiate the coordination among agencies of nanometre-scale science and technology in the USA, gave a timeline for nanotechnology to reach commercialisation. For the next twenty years, the NNI has divided the development of nanotechnology into four generations. The first generation, which just ended in 2004, involved the development of passive nanostructures such as coatings, >>See more>>

Jan 28 2013

VANET is badly needed in developing countries

Technologies are changing in every moments. Now-a days Vehicular ad-hoc Networks(VANET) has drawn attention for its various applications such as video streaming,  text chats, instant messaging etc have a great influence  in our daily life. Ad-hoc network is extensively used in our day to day life. Vehicular networks are likely to become the most relevant form of mobile ad hoc networks .As the nodes changing within a short time of interval for real time applications we have to need a stable >>See more>>

Jan 28 2013

Smart glasses will help blind people to see

"smart glasses or smart eyewear devices"

Some scientists of  Oxford University are developing a smart glass or smart eyewear device , to make thousands of blind people able to see. This smart glasses will have tiny cameras  in the frame and pocket computers. This devices will  warn the wearer of that smart eyewear device if any person or other objects in front of him. The smart glasses will work using a pair of cameras.  These cameras  will determine the distance of objects and we simply translate that into a light display. For >>See more>>

Jan 27 2013

Introduction to nanomedicine

  Nanotechnology promises a great future for medical research including improved medical sensors for diagnostics, augmentation of the immune system with medical nanomachines, rebuilding tissues, and tackling aging. Proponents claim that the application of nanotechonology to medicine, so-called nanomedicine, offers ultimate benefits for human life and society by eliminating all common diseases and all medical suffering23. Eventually, it is argued that nanomedicine would allow the >>See more>>

Jan 27 2013

Introduction to nanorobotics

  One vision of a nanoassembler or nanorobot is a device with robotic arms, motors, sensors and computer to control the behaviour, all at the scale of nanometres. In 1992, the book called “Nanosystem” by Drexler gives an analysis of the feasibility of machine components for such nanorobots . However, even to build a molecular motor, researchers have to consider laws of thermodynamics when motors are actually in operation . Just building a miniature version of an ordinary motor is not >>See more>>

Jan 27 2013

Introduction to nanofabrication

  After scientists have gained the ability to manipulate individual atoms directly, the next step is to manufacture structures at nanometre scale, i.e. structures smaller than 100 nanometres across. In this section, we carving out or adding a small number of molecules to a surface, while the bottom-up methods assemble atoms or molecules into nanostructures. A top-down method that has been used in the electronics industry is photolithography. Photolithography is the process that transfers >>See more>>

Jan 27 2013

History of develpoment of nanotechnology

To describe Feynman’s grand visions that have inspired many researchers in several fields of study, Drexler5 introduced the term “Nanotechnology” and “Molecular Engineering” in his book, “Engines of Creation” [1]. He explored and characterised an extensive view of Feynman’s visions in many aspects including potential benefits and possible dangers to humanity. According to the vision, building products with atomic precision by bottom-up technology could offer a dramatic >>See more>>

Jan 27 2013

Smart technologies – smart glasses M100

"smart technologies - smart glasses M100"

A company Vuzix from Rochester, New York, is bringing a new type of smart glass. Vuzix, a company who has been working on this line of glasses for years. So far they built similar versions for the defense industry and for industrial uses. So, In this case they are a trusted company. This smart glasses could be a competitor of most talked Google Glass. This smart glasses are Internet-enabled and they allow do things such as reading  email, using favorite apps, and receiving  updates from >>See more>>

Jan 25 2013

New Invention : Smart TV

A smart TV, generally spoken as connected TV or hybrid TV, (not to be confused with IPTV, internet TV, or with internet TV), describes a trend of integration of the net and 2 two.0 options into tv sets and set-top boxes, similarly because the technological convergence between computers and these tv sets / set-top boxes.

Jan 25 2013

New Smart Technology : Smart Audio and Smart wearing technology – smart technology for security

  The world in gone too far. Everywhere there is a touch of science and technology. Nobody can think a day without technology. We are bound with several technology. Technology became getting smart day by day. So there come many smart technology. Smart phone, Smart cars, smart shoes, glass and much more smart technology. Lets …

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